Surfin’ Safari



1960's vintage 8 mm film of the original members of the Smyrna Surf Club in action in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  Annual longboard club contest at Malibu, California, with Wingnut, Pat Farley, Kevin Miske and others.  Mike Clancy in beautiful and relatively uncrowded conditions at Malibu.  Surf trip to New Smyrna Beach.  Skipper Eppelin at Third Street, The Haven, and The Inlet.  Surfari with Skipper and Mike to Cocoa Beach Pier.  Flashback to Mike Clancy in fun summertime waves at Pleasure Point.  Back in California with Mike Clancy on a small but good day at Rincon.  Produced and directed by Mike Clancy in 1993  Playing time:  40 minutes.

Click on the links below to view this film on You Tube, or play the slide show to see stills.

        Surfin’ Safari - Part 1 (14 minutes)

        Surfin’ Safari - Part 2 (7 minutes)

        Surfin’ Safari - Part 3 (13 minutes)

        Surfin’ Safari - Part 4 (6 minutes)