Ride Like The Wind



Opening shots of Mike Clancy in head-high waves at Rincon.  Heavy Middle Peak waves at The Lane.  Terry Simms and Kevin Miske at Pleasure Point, with Terry riding a REALLY LONG board.  Terry on his regular, 9 foot board on a great offshore-wind day at Pleasure Point.  Rhym Partridge, Mike Young, Karl Anderle and Wingnut on a beautiful overhead-plus day at the Point.  Surf trip to Rincon with Mike Clancy for some clean, head-high waves on a sunny winter day.  Pat Farley, Johnny Rice and Rosemary Rice at 38th Avenue in Santa Cruz.  Wingnut, Denny Dederick and Mike Young on a big winter day at Pleasure Point.  1965 surf trip from Florida to Hawaii with Buddy Wright, Skipper Eppelin, Gordon Smith and Art Christiansen.  Mike Clancy on a big day at Pleasure Point.  C.J. Nelson and other young longboarders tearing up the surf in Santa Cruz.  Darrel Whitemeyer and others on a good fall morning at Pleasure Point.  Mike Clancy at Pleasure Point and The Lane.  Karl Anderle, Frosty Hesson, Wingnut and others on big, cold, wintertime waves in Santa Cruz.  Closing shots of Mike Clancy at Rincon.  Produced and directed by Mike Clancy in 1992.  Playing time:  58 minutes.

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        Ride Like The Wind - Part 1 (15 minutes)

        Ride Like The Wind - Part 2 (14 minutes)

        Ride Like The Wind - Part 3 (13 minutes)

        Ride Like The Wind - Part 4 (12 minutes)

        Ride Like The Wind - Part 5 (4 minutes)