It’s All  About Soul



Joel Tudor and other pro longboard surfers at Steamers Lane.  Jimmy Nauro and Kelly Brown on a beautiful sunny day at Pleasure Point.  Terry Simms totally ripping late afternoon summer surf at Pleasure Point.  The O'Neil No-Cord Contest, in 8-10 foot glassy winter waves.  The annual Big Stick Surf-O-Rama classic longboard contest at Pleasure Point.  Mike Martin and Mike Clancy reminiscing about years, and waves, past.  Flashback to 1960's vintage surfing in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  Classic 1965 photo of the original members of the Smyrna Surf Club.  Terry Simms and his wife Marianne in a good afternoon session at Pleasure Point.  Hang gliding along the dunes of the Monterey Bay.  Mike Clancy on a sunny and glassy overhead day at Pleasure Point.  Produced and directed by Mike Clancy in 1994.  Playing time:  48 minutes.

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        It’s All About Soul - Part 1 (15 minutes)

        It’s All About Soul - Part 2 (10 minutes)

        It’s All About Soul - Part 3 (9 minutes)

        It’s All About Soul - Part 4 (14 minutes)